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Apple Cider with the Mother (250 ml)


Stories Apple Cider with the mother is processed from local apples, especially from Jumla, Mustang, and Manang. Apple Cider is a by-product of local apples that are excessive or remaining after the fresh sale in the local market. Padam Bahadur Khatri, from Guthichaur Gaonpaalika, Jumla, shared his experience with us. People have a tough competition to sell an apple in local and urban centers. Many individual, groups, or institution takes initiation to sell at an improper price. It makes them hard to compete.   So Organic Online initiated to introduce by-product from those apples and made an Apple Cider with the mother. This initiation helped to sustain and commercialized local Famers. It provides a market for their produces and creates a rural-urban entrepreneurial ecosystem.   How to consume it A combination of honey and apple cider with lukewarm water is always best. Please make sure the water does not exceed more than 70 degree Celsius A person with lower blood pressure needs to take advice from a medical person/doctor before start consuming honey   Benefits It is acidic and unfiltered which contains strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria It helps improve the skin barrier and prevent infections Nowadays, it is incorporated in diet plan for weight loss It helps in for proper digestion process   Storage and usage Please store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not consume if the sealed lock is tampered with or broken. Best before one year from packaged date Individuals allergic to ciders is recommended to consult a health specialist before consuming it  

Fiber Diet (1 kg)


Stories There is always a challenge to provide alternatives to those people who ought to change food behavior or to keep food habits in check. More challenge is to provide food that is very local and replacing all the improper foods that generally bring disorder in our health. Fiber Diet puts itself to challenge the status quo and to be the solution for adults or diabetic person seeking for right foods. Some of our well-wishers and regular customers who had this food are satisfied and look forward to our initiation. According to them, it is very fulfilling with good flavor and could one of the game-changing food in days to come.   Ingredients It includes a mixture of well-composed 10 ingredients: Almond, Cashew, Barley, Flax seeds, Corn, Wheat, Moong Daal, Horse Gram, Proso Millet, and Black Rice. It contains zero chemicals and is completely natural.   How to consume?

  • Fiber Diet can be consumed with milk or hot water
  • Sweeteners can be added as needed
  • Fiber Diet does not need to be cooked
  • The quantity of Fiber Diet depends upon the appetite of diabetes or adult person
  • People can have it as food or as a supplement in their food habits.
  Benefits Especially to diabetic patients who require high fiber, protein, and fats with good composition Very much fulfilling which could be part of the diet plan and change in food habit for any adults   Storage and usage Please store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not consume if the sealed lock is tampered with, or broken Best before six months from packaged date