Nettle Leaf (250 gm)


Nettle Leaf powder is fresh, organic, and natural, randomly harvested from moist woodlands, forests, rivers, or shaded trails from different parts of the country. Nettle leaf powder is a dried form of only green leaves. It has mild-flavored and earthy tasting. Any age group of people can consume it.



Nettle Leaf has a long history in ethnic cuisine in Nepal. Nettle leaf is found primarily in a hilly region. The popularity of nettle powder was especially in those places where green vegetables were limited in production.

Mahakavi Shree Laxmi Prasad Devkota in his sublime creation “Muna Madan” has mentioned the importance of Nettle leaf for surviving with happiness. For a longer period of time, it was overshadowed. Now, with the increase in awareness both in rural and urban areas, the importance of Nettle leaf powder has increased and is high in demand.


How to consume it

It is consumed during breakfast or snacks in Nepali style soups

The recommended serving portion of a Nettle powder is 1-2 tea tablespoon in 200 ml of water with a pinch of salts and cornflour and boiled until the soft texture emerged.

Besides, any recipe can be explored



High fiber so helps in balancing blood glucose level for a diabetic person

Improves digestion

Helps in prostrate health

Improves immune system because high


Storage and usage

It contains zero chemicals.

Please store in a cool place for longer self-life.

Do not use if the sealed lock is tampered with or broken.

Best before six months from packaged date



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