Keshayu Hair Mask (500 ml)


Keshayu Hair Pack is a traditional, fresh, organic, and natural handmade pack for hair fall control and keeps hair healthy. It is well balanced with proper nutrient values for any hair. It is suitable for any female age.


The result of years of testing and experimenting, Keshayu Hair Pack is based on trusted saint’s recipes from ancient days. It contains zero chemicals and is completely handmade with maintaining its natural essence with a meticulous process of making. It definitely satisfies you.


“I was having a massive hair fall and I was having a very hard time controlling my hair fall. I used lots of international brands, home remedies, and whatnot but to all avail. When I hear about Keshayu Hair Pack with all skepticism and doubt I gave it a try and guess what in the second use of it, magic happened. My hair falls totally stopped around 90%” says Khusbu Oli, working woman and past Miss Teen 2006.


We have more stories to tell, one of our regular customers was suffered from Covid 19 and as a result, her hair fall started massively, but thanks to our Keshayu Hair Pack, it is all history now.



It has a mixture of 12 ingredients i.e. Flax Seeds, Soap Nuts, Shikakaai, Amala, Kalonji, Methi, Bhringraj, Lemon, Ginger, Jatamasi, Bay Leaves, and Guava Leaves. All ingredients are natural.


How to use it

  • Use it twice a week.
  • No need to mix with any other Mehendi powder or hair products.
  • Put it on a scalp and massage it gently like oil.
  • Leave it for 1-2 hours and wash it quickly with shampoo.
  • In case of regular hair fall, apply more than twice a week.
  • Results are shown particularly from 2-3 use



Helps to control hair fall after 2-3 uses for female and for male it may take few more uses

Helps to promote hair growth

Root Strengthening

10 times faster result

Nourishes hair


Storage; Usage; and Claim

Please store in a cool place or fridge for longer self-life.

Do not use if the sealed lock is tampered with or broken.

Best before six months from packaged date

If not satisfied, we have a refund or replace policy, with no more question asked


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