Gundruk (250 gm)


Gundruk is a traditional, fresh, natural, and homemade dried product made from green leafy vegetables. Gundruk is made from Mustard, Rayo, and Raddish leaves.


As a result of months of testing and experimenting, Gundruk is mainly based on traditional family recipes handed down from past generations. So we call it Grandmother’s Recipe. It is sour in taste and earthy in smell. It contains zero chemicals. It follows the proper processing schedule from its withering leaves, fermenting and sun-dry with preserving its nutrients values.


This old age knowledge is inspired to preserve the abundant leafy vegetables available in season. It is preserved for winter or dry season. Whenever we like to have it, it is always available in our kitchen store. Nowadays, the demand for Gundruk is increasing in urban areas and in abroad where dense Nepali communities resided. Once we started promoting Gundruk, our consumers asked about its quality and taste. In particular, ढुङ्गा लाग्छकी लाग्दैन? We assured them about the quality and once they consume it, they are very satisfied with it.


How to consume it

Before cooking, soak a serving quantity of Gundruk in lukewarm water

The best combination for curry is with masyoura and potato with a few dried soybeans

Marinated Gundruk with mustard oil, with some spices, onions, tomato, and chilies with roasted soybeans



It is a good source of Vitamin B, minerals, essential amino acids, iron, and calcium, which most of us are unaware of.

People suffering from constipation or irregular digestion issues can be eased because of richness in probiotics.

Postpartum mothers can take advantage because it is rich in lactic acid, so it aids lactating mothers in milk production.


Storage and usage

Please store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Do not consume if the sealed lock is tampered with or broken.

No chemicals or adulteration is conducted in the manufacturing process.

Best before six months from packaged date.




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