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Nuggets (Masyoura - 250 gm)


Ingredients It is a mixture of Taro stem or Yum and Black Mass Lentils. These are locally available ingredients. These were well sorted, cleaned, soaked, and grind. It is traditionally made with hands. It contains zero chemicals and is completely natural. It is properly solar dried.   How to consume it

  • It is consumed during lunch or dinner in Nepali style meals i.e. soupy curry
  • Before cooking, it is recommended to soak in lukewarm water to result in a soft texture
  Benefits This is rich in protein, vitamin, and carbohydrate These are rich in high fiber and it is easily digestible One who is vegetarian or vegan could find the better option for a traditional dish   Storage and usage Please store in a cool place for longer self-life. Do not use if the sealed lock is tampered with or broken. Best before six months from packaged date