About Us

Posted by : organic_beta1 / On : October 2, 2021

Organic Online puts itself in a market leadership position for promoting only trustworthy, local, fresh and healthy local products, traditional homemade food, natural grooming products, and green vegetables. Organic Online prioritizes the values of customers’ health and their satisfaction as a more significant source of motivation.

Organic Online comes up with an idea to fill the void created by the traditional agri-value chain. Especially on the quality of products, price of the products. We work with farmers from more than 22 districts. They send their products to us. Then we sort, package, label, and deliver to our customer’s door.

Organic Online is now also focusing on health issues created by the urban lifestyle. We are developing unique products to solve the dietary problems urban populations face. Especially for children, working women, and adults. We use our grandmother’s traditional food and long-lost homemade herbal remedies.

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