“NAWAM” a Child Nutri Food to help your baby grow stronger!

Posted by : organic_beta1 / On : February 17, 2022

For a new mother, there is always a big issue! But, please wait! Don’t perceive me wrong. The question is what issues could be! 

It is when their child moves away from their heads sideways while having food. Imagine! What could go in a mother’s heart when her infant baby straightway denies having food. She beholds love and cares non to others. Any mother can relate and empathize with the issue with their mother-child relationship. So to those mothers, what could be the possible solutions? Mothers, what not they go through for the better health of their baby.

Here comes in Nawam, a child superfood that we perceive. Everybody asks us what is in it, and satires us why it is a superfood.

What is inside Nawam?

A mother can smile with great satisfaction to feel safe—relief for the better healthy development of their babies.

What makes it a superfood?

The inclusion of nine ingredients made it a superfood. I.e., Almond, Cashew, Brown rice, Barley, Wheat, Horse Gram, Moong daal, Soybeans, and Brown rice. The Nawam promotes brain development; strengthens the immune system and bone development. It provides vitamins, high fiber, high antioxidants. Pure traditional and homemade food that will revolutionize the food habit of babies. The food you can rely on and feed your babies. Now, we call it GRANDMOTHER’S recipe.

There is no doubt in the nutritional facts of each ingredient that benefits health. 

One of our regular customers, a working mother, was facing a similar problem. She came to our store and shared her positive experience with us (chuckle). She started feeding her child at around ten months old. Now he is almost two years old. She is so much excited and satisfied that her child is very healthy and very sharp. As a result, we started having positive reviews on our social media from early on. 

How hygiene?

Most of the customer’s first question tends to be, “how hygiene is it?” Most of the mothers are very possessive towards their babies’ health. So before getting a call to action to buy Nawam, they ensure its quality, hygiene, and ingredients. We are very much conscious of that to make them assure. Even one of the co-founder’s daughters is having it since she was one year old. Leading with example will help gain trust. We try to feel the emotions and put our feet in their shoes. So there is no way to compromise the quality.

To say its process, we ensure their credibility and the sourcing of the raw materials. After raw-material arrives at the stores, our team re-checked. The method includes supervision of their appearance, packaging, and sorting process. Store staffs are under proper personal hygiene traits—the proper use of mask, head mask, gloves, and appropriate dress. Meticulous cleaning and clearing of dust and dirt and soak in water, and sundry is compulsory. Roasting of all ingredients and ground fine made it instant baby food. Finally, it is well packaged and delivered to the customer’s door.

How is it helpful to parents, especially mothers?

With more surprises, before we thought of baby food which can help mothers to feed their babies. But, once it came into the market, it only not solves the mother’s issue. But also resolve most of the mothers’ pain, especially for working women. Most of the females are from banks, I/NGO, Self-employed, and corporate houses. It is saving time in seeking, researching, and fetching foods for their babies. Painstaking and time-consuming in collecting ingredients. Following the different stages of preparation. Sorting, soaking, drying, roasting, and grinding are a challenge. 

We can imagine the effort it needs. Thus, this Baal aahar is becoming handy to our working mothers. They can get to the kitchen straight away. Provide it for their babies breakfast, like lunch, snacks, and/or dinner with TRUST.

Now, Mothers from outside Kathmandu valley are showing interest, not only Kathmandu mothers.

How Nawam came into life?

During addressing the issue of the mother, we went through different ups and downs. We visited various food dieticians, nutritionists, and hospitals. In one of the hospitals, we find some mixture of whole grains provided for a cancer patient. Our co-founder realizes, why not make products for babies with slight improvisation. Thus, we decided. Doubt was, we may not sound efficient in production.

Why not follow our traditional process that passes from generation to generation? So-called grandmother’s recipe. With some improvisation, we conducted an experiment and research. Finally, we lab tested the final compositions. After near about two months of trial, Nawam came into life in May of 2018.

The best slogan or saying we hear during childhood was “children are the country’s future.” Not single, but many times. Making them strong and building our country’s future is a big challenge. Mothers 24 hrs attentions towards their kid are apparent. Having said that, how it could be possible. 

Now and then, we hear many adulterated and instant foods remain unchecked in the market. And uncheck distribution from authorities. But, on another side, staying at the top among parents for a better future is a harsh reality. So the choice is yours how you want to shape our kid’s physical and mental health. The time is now to think and help mothers provide their kids a better food, i.e., superfood.

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