Dreaming to be like Paras Khadka or Rajesh Hamal

Posted by : organic_beta1 / On : February 17, 2022

Suppose you dream of becoming a physically fit person in your life. Who would that be? Is it like Paras Khadka, a Nepali Cricketer, or Rajesh Hamal, the all-time greatest actor of Nepal? How would you like to portray them in your life? Whom we see, fit, and still admired in their respective profession.

Obvious would be the food habit and change in lifestyle.

The big question will be: how to start? What can we do? Is it possible?

The food habit we practiced since our childhood is a challenge for us to change. 

I still remember, in my school days, my school starts at 9:30 am. At 7 am we have tea and some snacks (donuts, puff or biscuits), by 8:30 we had our lunch, i.e., white rice with green vegetables. For day lunch we had to wait for tiffin break, i.e., 1 pm. After that, we had no option but to have regular dry foods, i.e., biscuits or noodles or junk foods. Then, almost at 5 pm, after reaching home, we have snacks in whatever way possible. And for dinner, our mom cooks food for us: white rice and green vegetables.

Sitting on the chair of Organic Online office, recalling back then, foods we had, is all market-driven, and still, it is on. My parents telling me or giving us a millet roti or Buckwheat roti in breakfast or snacks for school was very rare. In school, teachers had limited information on proper food habits, i.e., Saatu (a ground flour ready to eat). But during those days, government schools provide saatu and milk during lunch. But now, those practices are hard to find. 

Ready-made market-led packaged or junk foods are driving us. If I am correct, we see walnut, almond, cashew only on Tihar or marriage functions back then. Likes of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds intake were far from imagination.

The irony is, the importance of brown rice came once we started our initiative of Organic Online. Facts and researchers say it is better alternatives for white rice. My parents had no clue about brown rice’s importance. We accept the reality that having brown rice was beyond the imagination in our childhood.

At the age of 32, we establish Organic Online. Since then, perception towards food and its impact on our mental and physical health has changed. Moreover, in urban lifestyle.

My colleague, Srijana Pradhan, and I was gathering nutritional information on food products. In theory and knowledge, we were well informed and well orated the info to our urban customers. But on a personal level, we had not taken any plans into action to change our food behavior.

Later, we realize that anybody has to lead by example to let others follow today’s scenario. Digital media has strengthened the reach of information to get inspired. The facts and research justify the urban lifestyle is ruining our food culture. As a result, non-communicable and communicable diseases increases (cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.). According to WHO, the diabetes population will reach 1 328 000 in 2030 from 436 000 in 2000. 

From kids to mothers, from the office staff to owners, youths to adults, everyone faces an impact. Alongside obesity is a growing consequence of the urban lifestyle. 

We ask ourselves, why should and would somebody listen to you? If we had to guide or suggest others first, what can we do? Specifically, we, as promoters of the importance of fresh, organic, and natural food in our lives. So, I decided to work on bringing positive changes in food behavior and giving an instant start. 

From where to start? Again the same question!! The only thing I know was that the foods we need to have should be in the form of a pyramid in the opposite. Challenge was how to incorporate the food I find in my circle, and that comes in budget. Many diet plans from experts, i.e., Western or that don’t fit into our food circle or budget. Sustainability in the proper practice of food behavior within a budget is a must. So I started with local foods we can find in our surroundings.

So this is how I started.

In the early morning, I started having honey water. Then for breakfast, I prefer a boiled egg, a glass of milk, and a Fiber Diet. Along with almonds, 3-4 pcs, pumpkin seeds 3-4 pcs, cashew nuts 3-4 pcs, and one piece of walnut. Those who don’t know about Fiber Diet. It is a well-composed mixture of local grains, nuts, and cereals) 

For lunch, we started providing lunch to everybody in our office, staff, and owners. We offered a weekly menu for lunch. We focus more on green vegetables and local rice. Rice is local (no polished) that comes from Melamchi. Still, an increased intake of green vegetables than rice is primary for me.

Now snacks time! It is one of the trickiest times for us to control ourselves from fast food, junk foods, or dry foods. The tendency of having food outside of the office is very high. From my experience, it is challenging to hold ourselves to deter from our discipline. So, what is to eat then? Some biscuits or light foods free from oil are ok for the sake of feeling empty stomachs. But if I had to have a heavy snack full of carbs and fats, I skip my dinner. It is because the intake of calories from fatty snacks fulfills my need for nutrition for a day.

Lately, for dinner, what could we do? Then I convinced my wife to have brown rice instead of white rice. It was challenging to shift from white to brown rice. Because when somebody in your family does not accept it, it will not be sustainable. Most of the family faces similar situations. Not every family member would like to shift to brown rice because of its hard texture and taste. Later, once my wife and I both accept it, then there are no grudges and nose winks at the dinner table.

It took almost six months to internalize—the whole process from early morning to evening with sere discipline and effort. Finally, my subconscious mind accepted my consuming pattern. Now, it is easy for me to live with it.

It took almost six months to internalize—the whole process from early morning to evening with sere discipline and effort. Finally, my subconscious mind accepted my consuming pattern. Now, it is easy for me to live with it.

Asking myself, will anybody show interest in reading this blog, and will there be any takeaway?

To justify, the very first is I reduced my weight from 68 kg to 58 kg within six months of time duration. If anybody asked, only food habit was the reason. No, my continuous early morning jogging was also the reason. But there are things to take into consideration. According to research and experts, exercise plays only a 20 percent role on average, and a food diet plays 80% in maintaining a healthy body. So, pure credit goes to my food-consuming pattern. 

Donating blood 18 times in the last month in March also glorifies the achievement. If it doesn’t sound boasting oneself. Experts and doctors say, giving blood is also a sign of good health. It signifies our balance blood pressure and free from diabetes. Thanks to god, I am still fit and healthy. Unfortunately, people who suffer from these diseases could not afford to donate blood.

Now, it may be easy to see me and admire. But, the dedication and discipline that I incorporate into my daily routine were like a war. 

Back then, I attempted health club five times. Every time it broke within few months and no avail. So this time, I focus on regular outdoor physical fitness. I did it. I don’t have to join any health club. With the help of my commitment, I somehow made myself proud and put some positive effects in my circle.

When I see myself, I may not be able to imitate Paras Khadka and Rajesh Hamal. May not reach their professional height or imitate their healthy lifestyle. Only what we can do is we can aspire to be like them and try to move forward in a single step. Whatever way you and us take action should be good. Feeding proper nutrition for better health and better family health is always a goal. 

In large, my dream is to be part of the cycling club to incorporate it into my daily routine. Not for fun. Change in mode of transport from home to office and back and forth. Learn wall climbing to be fit—swimming for the most need of an hour. If everything goes right and COVID 19 situation eases, I hope to achieve it by the beginning of 2022. Always looking forward!!

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