Bhalo Hair Oil (100 ml)

Keshayu Hair Oil
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Keshayu Hair Oil is a traditional, fresh, natural, and homemade INFUSED oil for males. It is well-balanced with all the nutrients needed for hair-fall control and healthy hair. It is suitable for any hair type and any age group.

The result of a year of testing and experimenting, Keshayu Hair Oil is based on trusted saints'  recipes from ancient days. In the 21st century, especially in the urban city of Nepal, male people from the late ‚Äô20s to early ‚Äô40s are facing challenges in hair fall. So to address the challenges, Keshayu Hair Oil could be a part of the solution.


Brijendra Joshi, who used to have massive hair fall is very satisfied with Kesahyu Hair Oil. Back then he ignored the use of this oil but during the second lockdown, he had free time and was motivated to use Keshayu Hair Oil frequently with meticulous care.

According to him, “in previous days when I used to do hair massage from other hair oils, I was very much devastated to see excessive hair in my hand coming out from the scalp. But now, after use of Keshayu Hair Oil, I am surprised to see no hairs in my hand during a massage”.

He is hoping this story to be spread to many other people who are suffering from hair fall.


It has a mixture of 11 ingredients i.e. Olive oil, Castor oil, Methi, Kalonji, Bhringraj, Jatimasi, Amala, Sikakai, Tejpaat, Titepai, and Hibiscus leaves. It contains zero chemicals and is completely natural.

How to use it

  • Massage your hair gently for 30 minutes with oil
  • Keep it for the whole night
  • Take a shower in the morning from Shampoo or Keshayu Hair Pack from Bhalo
  • Results are shown after 2-3 weeks of regular use and care
  • You can put on hair in the day as well
  • Female also can use it and it has shown a great positive effect


Helps in hair fall control

Supports in strengthening hair roots

Helps to reduce dandruff

Nourishment of hair

Storage and Usages

Please store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Do not consume if the sealed lock is tampered with, or broken

Best before six months from packaged date

If not satisfied, we have a refund or replacement policy